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Problem with Growlanser II.

I'm having some serious problems with getting Arieta in Growlanser II: Sense of Justice (from Growlanser Generations.) All the faqs on the Internet say that you need the Neural Device and you need to go up the stairway on the right with Wein during the battle with Gevas, and

1) I have the Neural Device and no idea how to use it
2) I cannot seem to comprehend what the heck is meant by stairway...there's no stairway!

No matter what I do, I can't seem to get Arieta. The faqs mention events that are supposed to happen where Sereb tells you that Arieta is possessed by Gevas, but the farthest I've gotten with her events before the Time-Space Tower is when she tries to take the artifacts from the town, and I stopped her. I want to be able to save her and get her as a party member! Is that impossible to do? Did I mess up somewhere? Any advice would be appreciated!
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